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Now that the snow has melted, it's time to wake up your lawn.

For the best looking lawn, we can:

  • Rake and collect the excess thatch

  • Aerate to allow the moisture to reach the grass roots

  • Mow and feed your lawn.

  • Plant new shrubs and prune existing trees & shrubs

  • Mulch young plants and set sprinkler system

Lawn Care

Sprinkler Systems

Spring Cleanup

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Fall Cleanup


Weed Control

Shrub Pruning

HOA Maintenance

Window Cleaning

Lawn Care
sprinkler system
weed control
shrub pruning
hoa maintenance
window cleaning

Want a lush lawn? Make your heart swell with pride and increase your property value without lifting a finger. 

  • Mowing (we will mow the grass according to your specifications. Mowing is essential for a healthy lawn)

  • Edging (edging between driveways, sidewalks, and curbing helps keep weeds at bay and leaves your yard with a sleek, clean look)

  • Trim (We will trim the edges and any interior borders (e.g. flower beds, trees)

  • Blow (all debris blown away - as you will be)

Water is at the heart of a thriving lawn and a science that is down to timing, amount and coverage. Our services include:

  • Sprinkler installation 

  • Sprinkler repair

  • Sprinkler timer settings

  • Spring set up / Fall winterization 

Feed your lawn to make a green lawn. Fertilizer supplies the lawn with the essential nutrients to help it grow.  It influences grass color, ability to recover from stress and help prevent weed invasions and disease. It is important to fertilize to the root and not just increase top growth. We are here to help give your lawn exactly what it needs.

Updating your look but don't have time to plan and plant? We've got you covered, we can:

  • Design your flowerbeds and keep them weed free

  • Plant shrubs to add privacy

  • Seasonally change your plants so you can enjoy color year round

Now that your lawn is beautiful, make sure you can see it! Have our friends at Aspen Window Washing help make your home a castle with clean windows.


Call on: 801-623-8998


Adding shrubs can help create privacy without harsh fences. There are so many different types of shrubs and each carry its own needs.  We can help you decide which has shrubs have the best look for your garden and what needs they have to look their best. We can plan, prune and plant your shrub needs.

We will work with you. From the largest to the tightest budgets we will ensure that our competitive rates and first class customer service will please property managers and homeowners alike.  Deadlines, budgets and quality of work are always met.

Although the first few weeks of pulling up these intruders can prove satisfying, the chore soon wears thin, so let us take it off your list!

For weeds in your flowerbeds, mulch is an effective way to keep weeds away - if the seeds can't see sun, they can't grow.

For weeds in your lawn, we can spray and keep the lawn cut to take the head off the beast.


Aeration will make your lawn greener & healthier. By creating pockets in the soil; water, air and nutrients can more easily penetrate the roots of the grass making them grow stronger and deeper.  Aeration will allow clay soils a greater amount of room to both breathe and expand.  Other treatments that directly go along with this are fertilization, thatching and over-seeding. 

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